October- March

October- March
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  •  CAPSICUM, Ornamental Peppers
    Ornamental Peppers are an attractive plant with an abundance of red, green and yellow ‘capsicum’ fruits that make it so popular. Plant position and soil: Likes a sunny spot or partial shade. Flowering period:  Autumn and Winter. Don’t eat them! Prices start at: £1.99 ..
    £1.99 Ex Tax: £1.99
  • CALLUNA, Ericas-Heather
    There are 2 main differing types of Calluna, heather- Calluna Vulgaris and Erica Our most popular and the largest group of heathers is the Ericas-used as both bedding and evergreen shrub as height varies but we most commonly sell the 10-15cm in height. There are many variations that bloom in late Summer with coloured foliage, from silver, bronze, golden and red with white, pink and purple flowers. Ericas have erect stems with needle like l..
    £4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50
  • CYCLAMEN, Cyclamen
    Cyclamen are provide Autumn and Winter colour. They are used for bedding as well as indoors as a pot plant. A long thin stalk supports a tender bloom with swept back petals and silver marked heart shaped leaves, and is available in a colour range of pure white, pale pink to red. A simple and elegant bloom prized for the uniform sheet of colour they provide to any window box or container display. Very popular for it’s classic Autumn and Win..
    £2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99
  • SOLANUM, Ornamental Tomatoe
    Solanum, Ornamental Tomatoe is an attractive plant with small flowering fruits that change from yellow, orange to red and appear as small tomatoes. Impactful in garden containers and window boxes Plant position and soil: Likes a sunny spot, rich soil. Flowering period:  October to March WARNING! Do not eat, fruits are poisonous Prices start at: £2.99   ..
    £2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99
  • VIOLA, Pansy
    Pansies are a wonderful  winter plant for bedding, window boxes and all containers. Their little flowering ‘faces’ come in an extensive array of colours spreading from cream to jet black- the only colour not seen is a green! They are flat faced and have a pretty formation of 5 petals, with 2 upper, 2 flanking and a lower one. Plant position and soil: Likes sun or partial shade, happy in any garden soil.Flowering period: Available pret..
    £1.25 Ex Tax: £1.25