lavender, photinia, camelias

lavender, photinia, camelias

Gardening blog: Photinia, Red Robin and Evergreens in your garden

“Perennials are the ones that grow like weeds, biennials are the ones that die this year instead of next, and hardy annuals are the ones that never come up at all”

Katharine Whitehorn

"April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go"  ~Christopher Morley, John Mistletoe

Whilst wondering down the path here at the garden centre musing over the fact that it is apparently the coldest March on record in 66 years, my eye was caught by the Photinia, an evergreen shrub also known as Red Robin.

It’s name derives from it’s merry red fruits and small fragrant white flowers. A very nice hedging plant indeed with glossy green leaves. And it got me thinking….I really do appreciate the evergreens this time of year. Could you imagine a garden full of deciduous plants? Fabulous in the Spring and Summer granted – but right now in these last days (we hope)of the long winter I want to say three cheers to the evergreen –you have got me through another year and a painfully long Winter! So here’s to the hardy Photinia. How grateful I am!

Gardening Blog: Serpentine meanderings, Lavender and Camelias. Still no Spring.

"The snow is sparkling like a million little suns" ~Lama Willa Miller
The weekend bought more snow. And rain. Sunday was a moody day with a million shades of grey that our British skies do so well. I sat by the Serpentine.
The ducks, swans and seagulls were seemingly oblivious to the arctic freezing temperatures and carried on merrily along their way.

Or perhaps not- the gulls were circling around like torpedoes- perhaps that's their way of keeping warm. Gangster gulls I thought.
Watching them was both calming and hypnotic and got me thinking that despite the grey skies Mother Nature throws at us- there is always a whisper of respite.

Casting my eyes around, I spied the weeping willow with shades of acid yellow to honey, the silver birch trees glinting like something out of Narnia, the lonely patches of daffodils waiting for more to join....the camellias blossoming. Food for thought. We just have to wait for Spring a little bit longer.
                      Camelia                                             Lavender Stoechas                                        Sitting by the Serpentine

"Walking through puddles is my favorite metaphor for life" ~Terri Guillemets