Polyanthus, Hyacinth, snowdrops & galanthus

Polyanthus, Hyacinth, snowdrops & galanthus

Gardening Blog: The sight of Snowdrops and Galanthus

     "Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"  ~Robin Williams

Ssshhhh whisper it.......has Spring finally Sprung....So I found myself(and my progeny) strolling through the Berkshire country side on the weekend. I was arrested by the wonderful sight of Snow Drops at every turn. Galanthus as they are known by their formal Latin term. And the Daffodils, ‘ Narcissus’ with their paper white blooms and bridal crowns that really signal the first twitch of Spring. Even though it most certainly doesn’t feel like it.

Did you know that their name may derive from the fate of Narcissus, so vain he fell in love with his own reflection in a pond that he fell in and drowned. According to myth the Narcissus bulb arose from where he died. A cheering thought to a watery end.

Snowdrops are the first as they emerge and fight their way through frozen soil from January on with the Daffodils and Bluebells following. Both a wonderful and calming sight, an assurance that Spring is well and truly just around the corner. And most Welcome it is.


                                 Snowdrop, Galanthus                                    Snowdrop, Galanthus


                                Daffodils, Tete a Tete                                                    Daffodil Bulbs


Gardening Blog: Pretty in Pink with Polyanthus and Hyacinth

Yooohoo! We need something to beat the Winter blues away and offer an array of wonderful and refreshing colour for the dark and dreary days that just will not go! A burst of classic Winter colour is what we all need.

So we've gone potty for Polyanthus. And hyacinth of course. I'm surrounded by them here at the nursery....lifts the Spirits somewhat. Along with a rousing Irish coffee of course...it being Friday and all.

Polyanthus is a member of the Primula family. A winter flowering bedding plant, prized for its dramatic injection of winter colour added to your garden, available in white, pink, red, blue, purple and yellows. Wide dual coloured blooms appearing in clusters or 'rosettes' with oval light green leaves. Popular window box and container display.  Likes a sunny spot and well drained soil.

Hyacinth are bulbous perennial with glossy leaves and beautiful clusters of flowers growing neatly up the stem, which are highly fragrant and give out a wonderful scent. One of my personal favourites. Available in white, pink, blue/lilac. Famously Referred to in TS Elitos the Wasteland Plant position and soil: Thrives in sun or light shade in moist but well drained soil. Prices start at: £1.99.


            Fuschia Pink Polyanthus                                                Multi coloured Polyanthus


                                                                 Hyacinth: So pretty in pink