Viburnum Tinus and Fruit Trees

Viburnum Tinus and Fruit Trees

Gardening Blog: Olive Trees, Lemon Trees and Kumquats (or Olea Europea, Citrus Limonum, Citro fortunella Margarita)

Ooooohhhh excitement of excitement- we have just had a delivery of lots of new and fabulous treats for me to play with and plant up.

A dazzling array of lovely Olive trees have just arrived- from Spain no less- I wish they had bought the sun with them. No such luck. They come in all shapes and sizes from the petite to the large. I’m opting for maximum impact in readiness for the Spring entertaining season….

We have Lemon Trees a plenty with pretty fragrant white flowers that smell truly balmy  and Kumquat’s with fruit on. Always a bit of a tongue twister that one. The small ovular fruit is edible and most closely resembles a miniature orange but is a lot more tart and kick starts the senses. The Kumquat is a native to the Asia-Pacific region, where these cheery slow growing ever green shrubs are a common site. Just to make things really interesting and razzle dazzle you we even have a cross between a lime and a kumquat –a Lime Quat. (Citrus Auran Tifolia)

Nothing lifts the spirit quite like the sight and scent of these zesty fruits with their acid colours. They certainly brighten up a bleary day. Although I make it a habit to never be bleary on a Friday- too much fun to be had over the weekend… Carry On Planting. Happy Friday from all of us at World's End Nurseries!



                    Olive Tree, Olea Europea                                            Lemon Tree, Citrus Lemonum


Gardening Blog: Viburnum Tinus, (Also known as Laurustinus Viburnum, Laurustinus, or just plain old Laurestine)

“Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together”  ~Vista M. Kelly

Bit like people really.

So Spring has not yet Sprung-but you can forgive me my over excitement. We are back to frost bite and thermals, thermos’ and heat packs…oh joy.

Meantime, I was out wandering with friends over the weekend enjoying the freezing cold and  frost(!) in my perfectly weeded garden, when one of them noticed that my wonderful Viburnum Tinus had started to open up its beautiful white fragrant flowers! How exciting – more and more of my garden is  slowly being covered in tiny flowers as nature’s cycle breaths life into them, slowly ‘waking’ the plants up, I even have a few daffodils.

However I got to thinking that although all these lovely budding flowers are all very well, I really do appreciate the evergreens at this time of year. Could you imagine a garden full of deciduous plants? Fabulous in the Spring and Summer – granted – but right now in these last days of the long winter I want to say three cheers to the evergreen –you have got me through yet another year! So here’s the Viburnum Tinus – How grateful I am!


                                Viburnum Tinus                                                        Viburnum Tinus


                                                                      Viburnum Bodnatense Dawn

There are several varieties of Vibernum but the Viburnun Tinus has proved the most popular. It is winter flowering with clusters of pink buds and small white fragrant flowers blooming between December and April, with dark green foliage.

Excellent evergreen shrub for sunny and shaded garden sites. Large, fragrant clusters of pinky/white flowers are produced from mid winter followed by small metallic blue berries. The foliage consists of small, dark green leaves. Low maintenance.(not like me...)