A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Historically the present site was, as it is now, home to a garden centre. During the 1800s, and the expansion of London’s borders, the area was developed for housing but severely  bombed during the Blitz. With this devastation came the subsequent opportunity to reinstate the area to its original garden centre heritage.

Redevelopment plans in the 1960's were hit by a seven-year industrial dispute. This is when James Lotery had his vision of a garden centre, the first in Chelsea for many decades, envisioning restoring the one acre site to its original heritage and recreating a garden centre serving the public. His legacy will be, not just a garden centre that will endure; he also planted an oak, the symbol of longevity. This tree still stands and remains the World’s End emblem to this day.

Over the years World’s End has seen many changes on the fashionable King’s Road, but many locals, who first supported the garden centre, remain dedicated customers today. They value the nursery as a sanctuary, offering an oasis of calm into their busy lives.

In early 2000 the founder’s son, Janson Lotery joined the family business, a marked gear change from the  Financial Services sector. Janson is dedicated to carrying on the company’s strong foundation of family values. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful world of Worlds End Nurseries.