Instant Gardens

Instant Gardens

Short on time but high on inspiration? Does your outdoor garden space need a revamp?

The World's End Team of expert Gardeners specialise in creating and delivering an Instant Garden in minimal time for maximum impact at a highly competitive price. We understand that planning and laying out a garden can be time-consuming,  especially if you can't tell a dandelion from a dahlia. Which is why we offer the "Instant Garden Service”. This can often be completed in a day.

We begin with a meeting onsite to discuss your gardening ideas and design. We then inspect and take measurements of the garden, inviting you to choose styles and types of garden pots, containers and trellis that are to your taste. We then select specific plants for the location and correct aspect according to sun or shade. You can either go with them to the garden centre to choose or leave it to their expert judgement. The World's End team is then ready to start the transformation and design the perfect garden. Just sit back and watch the transformation take place, completed by our team of experienced professionals.

Act One opens at 9.00am in the morning when the gardening team moves in to clear, prune and prepare. After midday they return to the garden centre to collect the required stock.

Act Two provides the planting and the laying out, and before sunset you will be relaxing in your ‘Instant Garden’, drink of choice in hand.

For this unique service you simply pay for the plant stock - at current nursery prices - plus a  labour fee which is considerably more competitive than other London garden centres.

We have over 40 years of expertise and inspiration in creating and maintaining gardens, meeting and supplying all our customer needs and delivering that perfectly magical outdoor haven. At World's End Nurseries we offer excellent quality, with excellent service at excellent value. We look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful world of World's End Nurseries.


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