Climbing Plants

Climbing Plants

A climber is a garden plant which attaches itself to a support such as walls, trellis or gazebo.

Briefly there are two main types of climbing plant; ‘self clinging’ climbers which cling to walls without the need for support (such as Ivy, Campsis and Virginia Creeper). And secondly there are those climbing plants that do need support in order to wind and cling (examples would be Jasminum, Wisteria and Clematis - their stems wind around the poles to which they attach. There are also those climbing plants that as well as stems for support also have tendrils (such as Passiflora and Vitis).

Climbers are an excellent option for your garden for a variety of reasons: they hide ugly corners and lend more privacy to your environment creeping their way up arches, pergolas and gazebos. Their variations in height are important for a strong and impactful garden display; and to the smaller gardens they are a wonderful opportunity to have a strong floral display growing upwards thus creating your very own lush green wall. Their depth lends a sense of visual perspective to the garden.

 We sell a huge range of climbers ranging in size from 1 metre to 4.5 metres high

At Worlds End Nurseries, the following are our most popular climbing garden plants season upon season.


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    Clematis is the Queen of Climbers. Clematis Montana is a favourite due to its being  early flowering (May) with small white petals and a vigorous climber. The smaller flowered species being easier to grow. Plant in sunny spot or partial shade, It can reach up to 5 -10 metres in height. Clematis Rubens: small pink flowers and bronze leaves The President:Late flowering from June until September with the biggest purple blooms..
    £12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50
  • HEDERA, Ivy
    Ivy hedera is a  hardy ever green climbing shrub clinging from aerial roots; a reliable and colourful climber for any garden, window box, planter or container. Evergreen, the colour and shape of the green leaves depends upon the variety- of which there are an extensive range. Plant position and soil: Suits any moist and well drained soil, likes the shade. Available from: Available all year around Prices start at: £4.50 &nb..
    £4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50
    Hydrangea Peteolaris or Climbing Hydrangea is best known for its beautiful  and bombastic cluster bush of flowers in differing colours in the shrub variety, but it is also an excellent climber. With its finely toothed leaves it’s a vigorous and hard working plant and can tackle large areas for maximum impact- up to 70ft by 70ft. As a climber it only comes white. It’s self clinging but will need some support in the first few years. ..
    £14.50 Ex Tax: £14.50
  • JASMINUM, Jasmine
    JASMINUM Jasmine, Nudiflorum-Winter Flowering, yellow/ Officinale-Summer flowering variety, white Beautifully white star shaped flowers, bloom in abundance in summer with lush green foilage and are wonderfully  fragrant. Winter Jasmine, Nudiflorum is an evergreen. It is not nearly as fragrant as its Summer counterpart but the yellow flowers make it a continual favourite In Winter. Plant position and soil: Thrives in any soil b..
    £12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50
  • LONICERA, Honeysuckle
    Honey Sucklle is a fragrant, tubular flowering climber that produces a riot of colour. Its rather untidy and sprawling nature is suited to clambering its way up arches, trellis and gazebos rather than your front door or house. There are climbing honeysuckles and evergreen shrub honeysuckles, which make good hedging plants.There are several varieties but the yellow flowering Lonicera Tellmanniana has proved the most popular, and flowers in..
    £12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50
  • PARTHENOCISSUS, Virgina Creeper
    Parthenocissus, Virginia Creepers are known for their leaves turning a wonderfully bright and vibrant red in Autumn. A vigorous hardy and deciduous climber. Plant position and soil: Thrives in partial or full shade with any fertile and well-drained soil Prices start at: £12.50 ..
    £12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50
    Passion Flower is a a wonderfully exotic flowering evergreen climber, a joy to behold and hypnotic to wild life due to its pollen. It appears in all its flowering glory between June- September. Passiflora Caerulea is the most popular and has an intricate patterning of purple, blue and white. The white flowering bloom with raised mauve cross is said to have religious connotations because of the Cross.Constance Elliott is the all white varie..
    £14.50 Ex Tax: £14.50
  • SOLANUM, Perennial Nightshade
    Solanum, known as Perennial Nightshade are members of the Potato family and are available in 2 colours –lilac or white. They are semi evergreen with lilac petals around a prominent yellow stamen appearing between July and October. Solanum Crispum, Chilean Potatoe Tree is the most popular. Plant position and soil: Likes well drained fertile soil, slightly alkaline.  Growing rampantly they may quickly reach up to 15ft in all their g..
    £12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50
    Trachelospermum Jasminoides,known simply as Star Jasmine, this is a reliable, evergreen climber. It has glossy, deep green foliage and produces an array of fragrant, star shaped white flowers from May- August. Plant position and soil: Evergreen and will tolerate both sun and shadey spots. Available all year around in varying sizes. Prices start at: £28.50   ..
    £28.50 Ex Tax: £28.50
    Wisteria is a a very popular and spectacular climbing plant with the lush trail of lilac or white pea like flowers being a familiar sight in Spring and early Summer, from May -June. Fast growing and deciduous. Wisteria Sinesis is the most popular, deciduous with twining stems, dark green leaves and lilac flowers. A slow starter but rampant grower once it’s begun. Plant position and soil: Likes full sun or partial shade, ideal for train..
    £55.00 Ex Tax: £55.00