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  • JASMINUM, Jasmine
    JASMINUM Jasmine, Nudiflorum-Winter Flowering, yellow/ Officinale-Summer flowering variety, white Beautifully white star shaped flowers, bloom in abundance in summer with lush green foilage and are wonderfully  fragrant. Winter Jasmine, Nudiflorum is an evergreen. It is not nearly as fragrant as its Summer counterpart but the yellow flowers make it a continual favourite In Winter. Plant position and soil: Thrives in any soil b..
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  • LAVANDULA, Lavender
    Lavender Hidcote is a dense bush that grows up to 1.5 ft and has deep violet fragrant flowers on spikes, with leaves that are of a green silvery hue. Flowers in the Summer between July and September. Lavender Vera is a Dutch lavender which grows higher than the hidcote- up to 3-4ft. It has pale blue flowers and is a perennial evergreen. A favourite in any English garden prized for its’ hypnotic and soothing aroma. Used in pot pourri an..
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    Magnolia is one of our all time favourites, bears beautifully soft pastel cream pink flowering blossoms for instant impact in any garden. Available in different varieties and can grow from 4-20ft depending on the variety chosen. Best planted in sheltered spot in the sun or partial shade. Does not like chalky soil. ..
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    Nerium oleander is an evergreen shrub with green/grey leaves and cluster of beautiful funnel shaped flowers in pink white or red. Plant position and soil: Likes full sun in moist but well drained soil. ..
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  • PIERIS, Andromeda
    Pieris is a dense everygreen shrub with dark green foliage which flowers in Spring and Summer with white bell shaped flowers that look like Lilly of the Valley-Japonica. Pieris is thus sometime given the name 'Lilly of the Vally shrub'. Prized for it’s glorious red foliage that comes alive in early Spring followed by the flowers in mid Spring with the buds remaining in the winter time. An ornamental tree-low on maintenance and big on year ..
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  • RHODODENDRUM, Rhododendron
    Rhodeodendrums are evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs, prized for their riot of beautiful flowers and foilage and come in a variety of colours and shades within that, reds, pinks and cream being the most popular. They flower from early Spring to Summer. Their evergreen foliage also offers vibrant Autumnly hues.A small shrub-varies in size from 2ft-6f. Plant position and soil: They like an acid soil and partial shade of bigger tre..
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  • There are several varieties of Vibernum but the Viburnun Tinus has proved the most popular. It is winter flowering with clusters of pink buds and small white fragrant flowers blooming between December and April, with dark green foliage. Excellent evergreen shrub for sunny and shaded garden sites. Large, fragrant clusters of pinky/white flowers are produced from mid winter followed by small metallic blue berries. The foliage consists of sma..
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