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  • AUCUBA, Spotted Laurel
    AUCUBA, Spotted Laurel The hardy evergreen Acuba succeeds where many shrubs fail, and is happy in any garden soil in sun or shade. Particularly popular is the  Acuba Japonica variety which has glossy green leaves. These plants are male or female. The female has spotted green and yellow leaves and grows red berries. Plant position and soil: Will grow in both full sun or shade and thrives in most soils, a slow grower will reach a ma..
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    BUXUS A familiar sight in many gardens,buxus is an evergreen shrub or small tree. It is used for creating an evergreen hedging, adding structure and  screens for privacy and for topiary. Thrives in sun or partial shade. Easy to look after and generally slow growing. We offer a range of shapes and sizes. Prices from: Hedging-£1.99 approx, Topiary £8.50 approx   ..
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    Camelia is one of our most popular evergreen shrubs year in, year out prized for its year round glossy fecund  foliage, and large abundant blooms in a range of reds, pinks and whites that flower in late Winter until early Spring. Plant position and soil: Likes partial shade and the shelter of other shrubs but happy in full sun. Grows up to 10ft dependent on variety.A jewel, and a common Wedding and Anniversary gift amongst our cliente..
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  • CAREX, Sedge
    Carex  is a short evergreen sedge with thin golden yellow leaves with green/yellow stripes. Brown feathery flowers appear in early summer. Also known as 'EverGold'. Plant maintenance and soil: It grows well in partial shade but tolerates full sun. Hardy. Price from £9.95 approx ..
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  • CEANOTHUS, Californian Lilac
    Known as Californian Lilac is a wonderfully attractive option of the blue flowering evergreen shrubs, and a delight to behold for it’s lilac blue clusters. It grows quickly and the flowers are said to smell of honey. We stock a range of both the evergreen and deciduous varieties. Plant position and soil: Plant in Spring-choose a warm site in full sun. Doesn’t like being too exposed or severe frost. Prices from £14.50 approx ..
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  • CHOISYA, Mexican Orange Blossom
    Choisya, known as mexican Orange Blossom is a wonderful choice and one of our favourites! A neat and well rounded shrub with delectable small white star shapped flowers with yellow/orange centre. Blooms and foliage are both fragrant and begin to appear in May and through the Summer. Plant position and soil: Plant in full sun or light shade- happy against a north wall. Prices from £12.50 approx ..
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    Euonymous are a deciduous, evergreen and hardy shrub available in many varieties.  With variations of golden and green leaves and attractive green and cream foliage they are a mainstay of any garden. They are mostly native to Eastern Asia, and are also known as Spindle. Plant positioning and soil: Likes a sunny spot but will tolerate partial shade and all aspects. Resilient and low maintenance. Available in different sizes. Prices..
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    FATSIA Long leafed green stalks with clusters of large white flowers that bloom in October when mature. Grows to an extensive height. Prefers partial shade. Quite hardy. ..
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  • FUCHSIA, Fuschia
    FUCHSIA, Fuschia Produces wonderful bell like hanging flowers in a riot of pinks, purples and whites from May through to October. A favourite for their sheer beauty, and highly appreciated by children for the excitement of ‘popping’ before they burst open naturally . Grows from 1ft to 1 metre depending on variety Plant position and soil: Thrives best in rich well drained soil in sun or partial shade. Feed well. Bedding fuschia shou..
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  • HEBE, Veronica
    HEBE, Veronica An evergreen shrub known for their wands of blue , lilac or white flowers with shiny oval green  leaves. Easy to grow and often will flower through Summer and Autumn. Plant position and soil: They like a sun or light shade in any garden soil. Generally the the larger the leaf the more tender the variety. Prices from £9.50 approx ..
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  • HYDRANGEA, Hortenisa
    Hydrangea is a a widely popular shrub  prized for it’s large cluster of flowering ball like blooms. Hydrangea's have 2 differing flower arrangements: the 'mopheads' that look like mops or pompoms or the lacecap flowers that have flat heads and a central cluster of smaller flowers surrounded by outer rings of larger showy blooms. They come in a variety of colours and varieties but most popular are the white, pinks, reds and blue. Flowe..
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  • ILEX, Holly
    Ilex is an evergreen tree or shrub with dark green and cream leaves, it's flowers being small and white. Plant maitenance: Likes full sun with moist but well drained soil. ..
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