Rose, Floribunda Roses

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The Floribunda (Latin for ‘many flowered’) bears its flowers in clusters, with several blooms opening at one time in each truss. They are equal in their diverse colour range to the Hybrid Tea Roses with similar shaped blossoms but differing in the mass of flowers that they produce. They generally have shorter stems than the Hybrid Tea and thus are not commonly used for cut flowers.

Floribunda are an excellent option for providing a large spray of colour in the garden, and producing an abundance of flowers over a large part of the year. They are reliable and long lasting and this makes them a very popular garden plant indeed. You will often see the Floribunda Roses in large bedding schemes in an array of public parks.

 The Floribunda is the result of the cross breeding of a Hybrid Tea Rose and a Polyantha in the 1920’s.