Topiary, or the art of clipping trees and foliage into defined shapes is a type of living sculpture and can be highly impactful and impressive in any garden space.

The plants used are evergreen- commonly Buxus, Bay and Ligustrum are the most popular in Kensington and Chelsea gardens.

We stock a wide range of Buxus in various shapes and sizes in topiary form- spirals, balls and pyramids, cubes and hedging. We stock Bay trees in pyramids, lollipops, ½,3/4 and full standard.

We look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful world of World's End Nurseries.

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    The jewel in the crown of topiary. Ilex crenata, Japanese Holly, or more commonly known as Cloud Tree due to the shaped appearance of ‘clouds’ on each layer of the branches. Cloud pruning or ’Niwaki’  is a Japanese method of shaping trees to look like clouds and translates as ‘garden tree’. Ilex crenata is a slow growing ever green and it takes many years of nurturing and pruning to create them. They provide a magnificent display ..
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