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  • HYDRANGEA, Hydrangea
    Hydrangea is best known for its beautiful and bombastic cluster heads of flowers available in differing shades of colours- white, pink, blue being the most common. Plant positioning and soil: Likes a bright spot, gets thirsty-water a couple of times a week. Prices from £9.99 approx ..
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    Kalanchoe are succulent plants with small clusters of vibrant blooms, available in differing colours from white, pink and red. Plant position and soil: Likes a sunny spot, do not over water. Prices start at: £1.99 ..
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    Chilli Pepper plants have wonderfully bright hues and come in varying shapes, shades and flavours from the mild to the super strong that are not for the faint hearted! Originated in the America’s. The first European to encounter them was Columbus. In addition to cooking certain chillies are prized for their medicinal qualities. Plant maintenance: Keep evenly moist. ..
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    Orchids are an elegant and regal plant with beautiful fragrant flowers atop a long stem in differing shapes and colours, a beautiful sight in any home. Plant position and soil: Needs good light but away from direct sunlight- water once a week sparingly. Prices start at: £12.50 ..
    £12.50 Ex Tax: £12.50
  • SPATHIPHYLLUM, Peace Lilly
    Know as the Peace Lilly, with glossy spear shaped leaves with white funnel shaped waxy spathe. Plant position and soil: A low maitanence and easy to care for plant, thrives in humid conditions, likes partial shade. Do not allow soil to dry out. Prices start at: £3.95 ..
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  • STEPHANOTIS, Madagascar Jasmine
    A native of Madagascar, Stephanotis is a wonderful fragrant and popular house plant flowering from May-October.  The flowers are most commonly white and tubular shaped with dark green leathery foliage. Also known as 'bridal veil' due to them being a common sight at weddings. Plant maintenance: Greenhouse-likes bright spot and humidity, but away from direct sunlight. Keep moist and mist regularly. Do not allow to dry out.   ..
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  • TRADESCaNTIA, Purple Heart, Purple Queen
    Tradescantia, commonly known as Purple Heart or Purple Queen is an evergreen perennial plant with long pointed dark green leaves fringed with purple and small 3 petaled flowers seen in purple, pink or white. Used as bedding,a hanging plant and indoor plant dependent on the conditions. Plant position and soil: Likes sun but tolerant of low light and thrives in most soil. Effective at ridding the air of toxins.row in fertile, moist soil ..
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