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    Dieffenbachia's handsome leaves are marked in a variation of patterns with darker to light green and cream shades. The sap is toxic, giving the plant the name ‘Dumb Cane’. Keep away from animals and children Plant position and soil: Likes a sunny spot but away from direct sunlight, likes a moist soil, so keep well watered. Prices start at £6.50 ..
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  • DRACAENA MARGINATA, Madagascan Dragon Tree
    DRACAENA MARGINATA, Madagascan Dragon Tree Thin trunk with long narrow arching spiky leaves flanked with red tips, that can grow up to 15ft creating an impressive display for any home or office. Robust and tropical appearance. Dracaenas are one of the plants used in the NASA Clean Air Study as they have shown to help remove Formaldehyde, excellent for cleansing air of impurities and toxins. They can tolerate low levels of light. On..
    £6.50 Ex Tax: £6.50
  • FICUS BENJAMINA, Weeping Fig
    FICUS BENJAMINA, Weeping Fig A hardy and slow growing tree with elegant  dark green and glossy pointed leaves over drooping branches. Likes a sunny spot but away from direct sunlight but also does well in partial shade. This makes it a very popular house plant. It is sensitive to changes in light so if relocated it will drop leaves and grow new ones adapting to its new position. Water moderately in Summer and just enough to keep f..
    £6.50 Ex Tax: £6.50
    FICUS ELASTICA ROBUSTA, Rubber Plant Ficus are evergreen or deciduous trees and have large leathery lobed leaves and a dark woody steam. Plant positioning and soil: Likes a sunny spot or partial shade. Keep soil moist but well-drained soil. Prices start from £6.50 ..
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    Helxine or 'creeping moss', is a creeping perennial with small rounded leaves. It readily regrows from the smallest stem sections and can be difficult to control once spread producing a mat-forming evergreen, with pinkish-white flowers in summer. Whilst looking pretty in cracks of paving it can grow out of control. Native plant of Corsica and Sardinia. Overall height is up to 5cm. Has a variety of other unusual names including Angels Tears, Co..
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    The evergreen Kentia Palm is a very popular and attractive house plant in the UK. Palms lend a strong presence to any room without being high maitainence. The leaves are dark green,  wide, long and elegant and create an impactful arching display. Plant position and soil: They thrive in semi shade and live well in the average room conditions as they are tolerant to drought, duts and low levels of light. Keep well drained and do not..
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  • MARANTA, Prayer Plant
    Maranta is an evergreen low growing plant commonly known as the Prayer Plant as at night their leaves curl up to ‘prey’. The handsome leaves are a dark green with variations of lighter green shading and in some varieties a red vein runs through. Produces  small flowers  with three petals with two larger petal-like staminodes. Plant position and soil: Tropical plant that thrives in a humidity, soil must be kept moist and leaves mi..
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  • MONSTERA DELICIOSA, Swiss Cheese Plant
    Swiss Cheese Plant has lush dark green glossy foliage,with leaves that are heart shaped. Plant position and soil: Thrives in humidity and shadey spot so popular house plant. Requires regular watering and misting. Prices start at £39.50 (from 1 metre up) ..
    £39.50 Ex Tax: £39.50
  • NEPTHROLEPSIS, Boston fern
    Nepthrolepsis has a riot of light green leaves that gracefully arch outwards with slightly serated edges. Plant position and soil: Thrives in humidity with no direct sunlight. Often seen in fashionable bathrooms. Indoor plant and  availalbe all year around Prices start at: £6.50 ..
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    The Philodendron are identified  by their large glossy green leaves shaped like an umbrella. Plant position and soil: A popular indoor plant grown for the foliage, they thrive in humid conditions and should be kept moist through the Summer, watered less so in Winter. Prices start at: £ ..
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  • PLATYCERIUM, Staghorn Fern
    Staghorn fern is an ever green fern with grey-gren forked fronds reaching upn to 90cm in length. A visually impactful plant, excellent choice for bathrooms. Also known as Antelope’s Ears and Australian Elk’s Horn Fern. Plant position and soil: Likes part shade in a humid environment. Keep soil moist and well watered but sparingly so in winter. Fertilise monthly. Size and price vary. Prices start from £24.00   ..
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