Herbs, Vegetables & Fruit

Herbs, Vegetables & Fruit

For the green fingered gurus amongst us who prefer to grow your own, we have an extensive seasonal selection of herbs - between 30-40 different plant varieties.

Our most popular herbs for the London garden are basil, thyme, rosemary, tomatoes, oregano, mint, marjoram, chives and tarragon, parsley, lavender and strawberries.

Our herbs are lovingly grown in the Home Counties by a specialist private family nursery that has almost 150 varieties on their culinary herb list. Prices start from: £4.50.

We look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful world of World's End Nurseries.

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  •  CAPSICUM, Ornamental Peppers
    Ornamental Peppers are an attractive plant with an abundance of red, green and yellow ‘capsicum’ fruits that make it so popular. Plant position and soil: Likes a sunny spot or partial shade. Flowering period:  Autumn and Winter. Don’t eat them! Prices start at: £1.99 ..
    £1.99 Ex Tax: £1.99
    Basil, ocimum basilicum is an annual plant that is the mainstay of many an Italian dish and indeed kitchen. Prized for its strong but slightly sweet smell. Sweet Basil is most commonly used for Mediterranean dishes whilst other varieties including Thai Basil, Lemon Basil and Holy Basil are commonly used in Asian cuisine. Originated in India. Basil derives from the Greek ‘basileus’ meaning King and is still considered a King amongst herbs. ..
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    RIBES NIGRUM Blackcurrant is a shrub producing bunches of aromatic darkly hued purple-black edible berries. The berries have a tart flavour and are used in jams, pies, cakes and excellent in crumbles. Plant position and soil: Likes a sunny spot but will tolerate partial shade with moist but well drained soil, can be grown in containers. ..
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    Allium Schoenoprasum, Chives Did you know that Chives are actually the smallest edible species of onion?  A herbaceous perennial with spiky thin grass looking leaves and small pale purple star shaped flowers that attract bees but repel insects. Excellent in fish, potatoes, salads and soups; and with cheese and for those old enough to remember the Philadelphia ‘chive’ advert! Derives its name from the French word, civa, and the..
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    A citrus plant with fragrant flowers that appear all year around with brightly coloured fruit ripening up to 12 months later. Citrus fruits add a wonderful impact to any home. Plant position and soil: Citrus are not particularly hardy so whilst they can be grown outdoors in Summer they must come indoors to the conservatory in Winter for a bright and frost free environment in order to thrive. They prefer a cooler environment and do not like..
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    Coriandrum sativum, is an annual herb with abundant leaves of slender stems, produces small flowers in white or pale pink. Used in many cuisines across the globe, often used raw as heat diminishes the flavour. Plant position and soil:Likes a sunny spot/partial shade with moist but well drained soil.   ..
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    Zucchini, or the courgette is a summer squash of the Cucurbita pepo species and is dark green in colour. It is treated as a vegetable although actually classed as an immature fruit. It has a female flower which has a golden blossom at the end of each ‘fruit’ as well as male flower-which grows directly on the stem. The flowers are edible and often used decoratively. Plant position and soil: Likes a sunny spot/ partial shade in moist but wel..
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  • DILL
    Anethum graveolens, Dill can be an annual or biennial and has upright delicate feathery leaves with flowers that range from white to yellow in the Summer. Excellent in fish and best used when fresh and loses much of it’s flavour when dried. Plant position and soil: Likes a sunny spot/partial shade in moist but well drained soil. ..
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  • LAVANDULA, Lavender
    Lavender Hidcote is a dense bush that grows up to 1.5 ft and has deep violet fragrant flowers on spikes, with leaves that are of a green silvery hue. Flowers in the Summer between July and September. Lavender Vera is a Dutch lavender which grows higher than the hidcote- up to 3-4ft. It has pale blue flowers and is a perennial evergreen. A favourite in any English garden prized for its’ hypnotic and soothing aroma. Used in pot pourri an..
    £4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50
    'Meyers Lemon', Citrus are evergreen shrubs or trees with dark leathery leaves and small fragrant white flowers bearing yellow juicy fruits. Plant position and soil: Likes a sunny spot in moist but well drained soil. ..
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    ORIGANUM VULGARE, is a herbaceous perennial with purple tinged small aromatic leaves and pinky flowers from Spring to Autumn. A staple in tomatoes sauces and perfect for pizza dishes. Remember to rub it between your fingers before adding to food to release more flavour, used equally fresh and dried. Also known as Oregano- of which there are 3 main species Wild marjoram, Sweet marjoram (Oreganum majorana), Pot marjoram (Oreganum onites)..
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  • MINT
    MENTHA SPICATA, Mint is an aroma that signals the start of the Summertime! A favourite perennial herb used in teas, salads and drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic-although Pimms and Elderflower and mint juice are our favourite. Also fabulous in a mango and feta salad! Plant position and soil: Partial shade, keep soil moist and well drained. ..
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